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Dot 4 LMA 8oz, Motorcycle Size, Quantity 6

Dot 4 LMA 8oz, Motorcycle Size, Quantity 6

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Low Moisture Affinity Brake Fluid

Premium Quality Dot 4 Brake Fluid

8 oz  Motorcycle Size

The result of over three years of intensive development, this all new PREMIUM product was specifically developed for American and foreign high performance vehicles which can develop high braking system stresses and temperatures.

Featuring the latest in Lowered Moisture Affinity technology, this fluid exceeds the DOT 4 dry boiling point requirement by over 20 degrees F and the DOT 3 requirement by over 65 degrees F. Modern chemistry also provides additional corrosion resistance and lubricating qualities.

This product is also an ideal substitute for DOT 3 in applications where additional corrosion resistance and performance characteristics are desired.

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