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580 DOT Racing Brake Fluid

580 DOT Racing Brake Fluid

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CTL 580 DOT4 Racing Brake Fluid:  


580 DOT4 High Temperature ̊ 

A new achievement in “competition” brake fluid technology
CARTEL RACING Brake Fluid sets a new "state of the art" standard in glycol type fluids. With a dry boiling point of 580 Degrees Fahrenheit [304 c] and wet boiling point 410 Degrees Fahrenheit this fluid was specifically designed to meet the extreme conditions found in professional competition.
Packaged in H.D.P.E. plastic 12 oz. [.354 liter] fluorosealed moisture protected containers bottles, Cartel Racing Brake Fluid is a significant improvement over similar products available to the professional racer - anywhere in the world.
Part Number                           Description
04RBF-12-6               12 oz 580 Degree Racing Brake Fluid


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Cartel Products Inc.  Woodstock IL

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